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Junior Secondary


At Park Ridge State High School we are committed to developing the intellectual, social and emotional wellbeing of our students.  We are committed to developing a deep sense of belonging in a supportive yet stimulating environment.  In Junior Secondary we are committed to ensuring students maintain momentum in their learning through providing a highly engaging and relevant curriculum that provides sufficient challenge and support.
We focus squarely on our key question, “Is every student learning?
KEY PRACTICES: We commit to providing…
ü   Opportunities for your child to achieve academic excellence
ü   A safe and supportive environment that looks after the social and emotional wellbeing of your child
ü  Effective and individualised learning opportunities that cater to your child’s unique learning needs
ü  Authentic, real world experiences to develop your child as a 21st Century learner, ready for diverse and successful pathways beyond our school
ü  Linked curriculum to strong pathways that include; university entry, certification, traineeships & apprenticeships
ü  Leadership opportunities that will develop skills not just within the school context but in the wider community
ü  Deep and sustainable partnerships with parents and community members to collaboratively grow potential
v  OUTSTANDING & HIGHS in all Key criteria for Education QLD’s Discipline Audit
v  HIGHS in all key areas of Education QLD’s Teaching & Learning Audit
We are committed to delivering strong outcomes for all our learners