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Business Education

​Year 10 student competing in Mooting Competition.

In the Business Education Department there is a range of subjects designed to help students develop skills that will enable them to participate fully in a technologically rich business environment. Business is the engine room of society and the Business Education Department offers students a range of subjects that will enable students to take their place in the business world. Subjects offered are:- Accounting, Business Communication and Technologies, Business Organisation and Management, Business Studies and Legal Studies


Year 7 and 8

An introduction to the business environment to gain an understanding of the world of technology. They complete a unit of competency that will go towards a Certificate I in Information Technology that will be completed in their senior years. Students also develop a range of promotional material using technology and incorporating marketing strategies. Development of keyboarding skills is also undertaken in this unit.

Year 9

This unit prepares students with technological and entrepreneurial skills that are useful in their professional and personal lives. Students develop business skills but undertaking a business venture and analysing the success of their venture. Skills are also developed to present material in a professional manner using a range of programs.

Year 10

Students start to specialise in their area of business interest. This specialisation prepares students for their senior schooling phase of their learning. Subjects offered are Law and Order and Business Office.

Law and Order provides students with the knowledge to become informed citizens. The course covers areas of law that are of particular interest to students culminating in Young Drivers and the Law – rights and responsibilities. Senior pathway – Legal Studies.

Business Office develops in students the necessary skills to create and run their own business in the future and develop the necessary business documentation to achieve this. Marketing skills as well as basic accounting knowledge are applied in a practical way when students undertake their particular venture. Senior pathway - Accounting, Business Organisation and Management, Business Studies, Business Communication and Technologies.

Senior Subjects

Accounting (Authority)
Legal Studies (Authority)
Business Communication and Technology (Authority)
Business Management (Authority)
Business Studies (Authority Registered)