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Social Science


The Social Sciences use scientific inquiry processes to learn about people and their environments.  Learning History and Geography encourages young people to be active participants in their world.  These subject areas investigate controversial and challenging issues of the past, present and future to promote critical thinking and the development of optimistic future visions. 

Junior Secondary (Years 7 – 9)

​Year Level ​Semester 1 ​Semester 2
​Year 7 ​Geography
• Water in the World
• Place and Liveability
• Early Peoples
• Ancient Roman Lifestyles
​Year 8

• The Western and Islamic World: Medieval Europe
• The Asia Pacific World: Japan’s transition to the Modern World
• Expanding Contact: The Spanish Conquest of the Americas

• Landscapes and Landforms
• Changing Nations
​Year 9

• Feeding the World
• People, Places and Consumerism

• Making a Better World? – The Industrial Revolution
• Australia and Asia – Making a Nation
• World War I

Year 10 Transition to Senior – Elective Curriculum



​Semester ​History Geography​

• World War II (Theatres of Operation & the Home Front)
• World War II (Australian POWs)
• Rights and Freedoms

​• Global Eco-Policies & Issues
• Sustainable Tourism
​2 ​• Age of Empires (Ancient History)
• Age of Revolutions (Modern History)
​• People, Population and Poverty
• Liveability and the Urban Challenge

Senior Phase of School – Curriculum Electives


3 Authority Subjects (OP eligible) to choose from

Each subject is a 4 Semester course

Each subject attracts 4 QCE points


Senior Ancient History

Year ​Semester 1 Semester 2
• Uncovering the Evidence (Archaeology)
• The Role of the Pharaoh
​• Temples, Tombs and Gods
• Entertainment in Greece and Rome
• Internal and External Strife (Persian, Peloponnesian & Punic Wars)
• Athenian Democracy 
​• The Influence of Groups in Ancient Societies
• Continuity & Change in Indigenous Australia

Senior Modern History

Year ​Semester 1 Semester 2
• Ideology, Nationalism & Patriotism
• Hiding Behind Curtains (The Cold War)
• Global Village or International Alliance?
• The melting Pot (Comparative Study of Race Relations)
 • Lives, Livelihoods & Legacies (Local Histories)
• Sovereign Australia on the World Stage
• The Power of Terror
• People Power

Senior Geography

Year ​Semester 1 Semester 2
• Responding to Natural Hazards
• Managing Catchments
• Sustaining Communities
• Connecting People and Places
 • Living with Climate Change
• Sustaining Biodiversity
• Feeding the World’s People
• Exploring the Geography of Disease




(Senior Authority Registered Subject)