BYOD Rollout Announced for 2019 and 2020


On Monday 18 June Park Ridge announced to students that the school’s BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) scheme rollout would be complete in 2020. This transition promises to be one of the biggest changes to the way teaching and learning happens at Park Ridge State High School since the opening of the school itself.

2019     à      Year 7 and 11

2020     à      ALL year levels


There are many benefits of moving to this model of teaching and learning. Research has shown students engage in more dynamic ways through technology and using this technology is most effective when students have a sense of ownership of the device.

As the new senior syllabus is implemented from 2019 onward, students will need to demonstrate a higher level of ICT skill in their subject areas. Additionally, across all year levels some benefits are:

  • increased student motivation, confidence and engagement with learning because students are familiar with their devices
  • greater autonomy in the classroom
  • the maturing of students as digital citizens who embrace digital opportunities and responsibilities
  • the normalising of technology use between the school and home
  • greater opportunity for inter-school collaboration.


Is BYOD compulsory?

In 2019 (year 7 and 11) and 2020 (all year levels) the expectation is that students will access the learning for each of their classes via their own device.

What if I cannot afford a new device?

In 2019, families who are experiencing financial hardship can apply for a laptop to hire.  The school has a very limited supply of these laptops.  The cost of hiring these laptops is $50/term or through a direct debit or Centrepay arrangement through our finance office.  2019 will be the last year the Laptop Hire Scheme is operated.

What type of device is required?

A Windows laptop is highly recommended.  Park Ridge teachers will be supplying lessons based on a Windows operating system.  Students can choose to bring another device type if they desire (e.g. iPad, Android tablet) however, differences in the way apps and websites look and function may mean they have compatibility issues. 

A list of minimum and recommended specifications will be published early term 3, 2019 on the Park Ridge State High School website.

Can students use their mobile phone?

No. Phones are not an acceptable device for classroom use and the school's phone policy will still be enforced.  iPods and tablets 7 inches or less are also not encouraged.

What other costs are involved?

There is a $50* annual fee to connect to our BYOD network.  This fee ensures your child receives technical support for their device, free of charge, as well as increased internet use and Wi-Fi network maintenance.  In the case of a device being repaired, students will also have access to a loan device if required.

*In term 3 and 4 2018, this fee has been reduced to $25 to support students being connected in preparation for BYOD.

How can I find out more information?

Details about the scheme, including more detailed FAQ, where you can buy, what factors to consider and more, will be on the Park Ridge State High School website in Term 3, 2018.

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Last reviewed 29 January 2019
Last updated 29 January 2019