Guide to Term 2, 2020


22 May 2020

The principal has released a letter to parents and guardians around the return to school for Years 7-10 from next week.

Read the principal's letter here.

8 May 2020

The principal has released a letter to parents of Park Ridge SHS students outlining the return to school plans for senior and junior students over the coming weeks.

Read the principal's letter here.

19 April 2020

Dear Park Ridge Parents and Caregivers,

Wow, what a month. You have been amazing considering the changing educational, social and working landscape. Your understanding, support and above all, patience, has been second to none.

I am also inspired by the many acts of kindness being demonstrated throughout our community, supporting the 'at risk' and vulnerable amongst us with care packages and messages of support and encouragement being freely shared. Our families are sacrificing much to keep each other safe and I know Easter has been a particularly difficult time for everyone. But as a result of that sacrifice, it is exciting to see numbers of new COVID cases is reducing.

I know that you are all eager to have some detailed information about how term 2 will look for your child/children at Park Ridge State High school.

As we are all aware, the Queensland Government is very clear about wanting to continue to 'flatten the curve' to ensure that when restrictions are lifted, we can be confident that a new spike in COVID is circumvented. As part of this focus they have outlined a plan for Queensland schools indicating, if your child can work from home, they should work from home for the first 5 weeks of term 2.

Working Remotely:

So what will this look like for my child? I will attach a document outlining remote learning routines that will also be sent to your child today. This document explores how they will access remote learning, what support is in place and where to go if they are experiencing difficulty (please see attachment).

How will I know if my child is participating in an on-line learning platform? Our school will be taking attendance roles and contacting parents before 12:00pm to indicate that their child has responded. It does require your child to fill out a form each day (outlined in the communication to them) and to participate throughout the day in their on-line platforms.

Our teachers will be personally emailing students at least once a week and they will be emailing you if they are concerned about your child's participation in their on-line learning platform.

What happens if a teacher is absent? If a teacher is absent for a day as a result of illness, it is more difficult to provide a relief teacher in the current circumstances. If this occurs, your child will be emailed a notification that the class is cancelled for the day. However, the teacher will provide work that the child can complete while the teacher is unavailable and the teacher will follow-up promptly upon their return.

Is there support for my child beyond the classroom teacher? We are creating a year level support team to help students to stay engaged. I will send a separate list to you tomorrow of the names of the leaders of theses support teams, their role and contact information. The focus of these teams is to track student engagement in their identified year level, or identified student group, and to make contact with any student that they feel is not engaging. They will also contact you to let your know and to negotiate a support plan for your child.

What are the expectation for my child working at home? It is important to set up a working space for your child at home, so that they understand that this is a school day. Taking regular breaks from the computer screen is also important - getting up and walking around, getting a glass of water or a hot drink or heathy snack. Your child needs to dress appropriately for the school day and their interactions on line must also be appropriate. We will provide this information to your children in a separate communicate.

What happens if my child has password or access issues? Our administrational staff are trained to support your child to change a password if needed. They can also ensure that your access concern is directed to the right team member to address your concern, if they cannot help. You can contact the administrational team via the usual PRSHS number.

What can I do if my child does not have access to a computer or the internet? We are also keen to support you if you would like your child to work on a computer but do not have that facility at home. If you contact our IT department they will negotiate a plan for you.

For families that would prefer to work from hard copy resources, we will have a set of printable resources ready to be collected by you or mailed to you by close of business tomorrow.

We are here to support you, so if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact these staff and team leaders and they will work hard to find a timely solution for you.

Working at School:

We realise that some of our parents are working in front-line and essential industries and therefore must send their student to school. Our school is open to these families and we welcome your children back tomorrow.

Many of our staff profile as 'at risk' or vulnerable and must work remotely as a result. This means that our on-site workforce has been significantly reduced. The staff that are on- site are both catering for remote learners and students of essential workers at school. These factors mean that teaching and learning at school will look very different in the first 5 weeks of term.

What will classrooms look like for my child? Classrooms will be mixed and learning will be completed via an on-line platform to ensure that the teacher can cater for both the remote learner and the at school learner. This also ensures equity of learning delivery for all children during this difficult time.

To ensure safe social distancing we will be endeavouring to group students into classes of no more than 12 to be able to separate them successfully. This will mean that your child may not be in the classroom of their designated teacher, but your child will be able to access their teacher through an on-line platform (it is simply a different form of learning for this particular time frame).

There will of course be support available for your child and safe supervision from the assigned teacher/supervisor in the classroom.

Some areas of the school will be closed down as a result of reduced staffing. The oval, terraces, basketball courts and gym will not be in operation for the next five weeks.

What will break times look like for my child? Break times will look different to ensure, again, appropriate social distancing. Lunch spaces will be more heavily supervised to ensure children are adhering to safe social distancing and may be confined to nominated spaces both outside and inside. We will ensure that students are provided with exercise opportunities.

What if my child is sick? If your child is unwell, you must keep them home, this reduces the risk of spreading illness which is so important in these times. We will also need to send sick children home.

What are the expectations of my child at school during this period of time? Your child must attend school in full school uniform and adhere to the usual school rules of mobile phones switched off and out of sight during class time, appropriate use of social media at all times and on time, on task and ready for the working day expectations being adhered to.

Will the canteen be in operation? The canteen will not be available, we will assess options by the end of week 1 and let you know if anything changes. Could you please ensure that your child is provided with lunch until further notice.

Working from school for the children of essential workers should work well if numbers are reasonable and students are compliant with school rules in these difficult times. Keeping our students, staff and community safe is vital if we are to keep our schools open for the students of essential workers, who play such a vital role in supporting our varied communities across our state. It is definitely a team effort that will see our state return to normally operations as quickly as possible if we do the hard yards now.

What will Monday, April 20, look like for returning students of essential workers?

There will only be one gate open for students to enter the school grounds over the next 5 weeks, the gate at the front of our school on Lancewood Street. Parents must not drop their children off inside the school grounds unless you need to access the disability parking area.

Students will go to their normal form class to be marked present and will then go to a designated area to be grouped into small classes for the week – the detail of which will be provide to the students during their form period. Monday will be a slightly more complex day as we are dealing with unknown numbers, establishing expectations and ensuring safe working spaces. We will endeavour to start the learning day as quickly as possible for your child.

Buses will operate as usual, however, if you contact Bus Queensland they can give you more detailed information.

I have a student completing Senior this year, what special provisions will be in place for him/her to engage in continual learning? I am aware that it is a very stressful time for students in years 11 and 12. I will send out a personalised letter to every senior student next week to outline what support is on offer to them during the next 5 weeks. Rest assured, we have a senior team dedicated to providing the best support we can during these difficult time for all our senior learners.

Again, thank you for your ongoing support. Without it we could not navigate our way through this complex process. I am in admiration of your resilience and courage. I am sure that many of our families have suffered untold hardships as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak, my thoughts and the thoughts of the entire team are with you during this difficult time.

3 April 2020

Letter to parents & carers

Park Ridge State High School will be ready to provide online learning in the event that schools remain closed after the Easter break. While online learning during a school closure will not be able to replicate our practices of onsite learning, our learning programs and communication with students will continue using the tools familiar to students, parents and staff. 

Where possible our Online Learning Model will follow students’ regular timetables.  We understand that many students may need to access materials and complete class work at different times depending on circumstances and resources at home.  Classwork, instruction and feedback will be provided through existing online classrooms; Edmodo or OneNote.   

Teachers will re-send classroom invitations to student email addresses at the start of next term.

Student expectations

  • Students need to be able to access their school email and OneDrive (login and password). 
  • Students need to check their email/OneNote/Edmodo site daily and should, wherever possible, work their regular timetable.  Class teachers will update their online platform regularly. It is important to maintain routines. Take breaks, as you normally would – make sure you get out into the sunshine when you can.  
  • Students will communicate with teachers by departmental email and/or via online platforms already described to you by your class teacher. Communicate proactively with your teachers – ask questions, seek clarification, request support, let them know if you cannot meet deadlines. Participate in online forums, collaborate and support classmates in their learning. Edmodo  OneNote 
  • Students will not be permitted to contact a teacher on a teacher’s private phone. 
  • Students must comply with the ICT Responsible Use policy. All communications are to be respectful and appropriate.
  • Students should aim to access their online classroom as per their timetable.  Detailed instructions will be provided within the online learning environment to explain what the weekly/lesson task requirements are, and how work is to be submitted.  Teachers will make regular contact with students during scheduled lesson time, within the online classroom. 

Parents & Carers

Teachers will monitor student attendance through completion of learning tasks on a weekly basis.  The PRSHS  Engagement team will follow up with students who do not submit work or appear to be active in an online classroom by contacting parents. 

While all care will be taken to ensure that all students will be provided with a high quality education throughout this very difficult time please keep in mind that offering a 100% digital education is very new to us and Education Queensland in general. If your child is experiencing difficulty accessing the learning environment 

please contact the school office. Parents are not expected to be teachers.  The best way to support your child’s learning is to encourage them to remain active in the learning environment.  Ask them what they are learning today.  Ask them what questions they have asked their teachers.  Ask them to see the work they have 

completed.  Learning at home amongst the myriad of distractions on offer can be difficult at the best of times.  Where it is possible setup a clearly defined work space free from distractions (e.g. television, music, social media) that is well‐lit and comfortable.  

Some of our families have limited or no internet capability. For these families, we will provide printed resources or programs uploaded to a USB (if computers, but no internet is available). These resources will be provided in the first week of the new term. More information on how to access these resources will be provided closer to this time. Families accessing these resources will have less opportunity to link directly to teaching staff so it will be even more imperative that parents and caregivers are monitoring their child’s participation. Our school will provide check lists and access points for this package to support parents and students in this situation. 

Student Support Services 

The wellbeing of our families and our students are very important to us. We are currently designing a toolkit, including communication and support options and remote classroom protocols. This will be provided to you as soon as possible. Take care, and from our entire team, we thank you and wish you a safe Easter break. 

Wellbeing staff are available to contact should your child need support:

Warm regards,

Sharon Amos

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