Start of Year 2020


​Welcome to what will be an exciting and busy year at Park Ridge State High School!

2020 is set to be an outstanding year of highlights, firsts and records.  We are thrilled to be welcoming our newly named Houses and officially opening our Innovation Centre as well as welcoming our largest cohort of Year 7's ever (300+).

Park Ridge State High School is now a beacon of learning for an astonishing 1,600 young people in our community (up from 1,000 in just 5 years).

With so much on and only a few sleeps to go, here's a quick rundown of important information for the start of school in 2020.

First day / important information

  • Tuesday 28/1/20 for Year 7 & 11
  • Wednesday 29/1/20 for all other years (8 - Student Activity Centre, 9 - Undercover area one, 10 - Undercover area two, 12 - Performing Arts).
The canteen is open and will have a full menu.  Parents should be able to pre-order through the Flexi-schools app!

Save the date!

  • 6-7 February: Dance Troupe auditions (break times)
  • 7 February: Year 7 Induction Ceremony (HOT EVENT! Details to follow)
  • 10 February: Mandatory meeting for parents of IMEX students to discuss calendar, Hawaii & notes distributed. Optional student attendance.
  • 21 February: Play-a-thon! Jr Concert Band, Jr Strings & any Year 7 IMEX students attend 4:30pm until the next day. Notes coming soon.
  • 21 February: ThinkUKnow what your child does online? Get the information for parents, carers, teachers. 7:30pm, 18+ only

Year 7 Day 1

Students are meeting in the Student Activity Centre for a 9am start.  They will have assembly and move into their Form classes with their Form teacher.  After a tour of the school and some getting to know you activities and housekeeping, students will attend their Period 3 & 4 lessons as normal and finish at 3:00pm.

Students should bring with them:

  • Hat, water bottle, morning tea & lunch or money for the canteen
  • Pencil case and 3x class materials (may be required for 2 classes and Form)
  • (Optional) BYO Device* in protective case, away from water bottle
*Year 7 students will be assigned lockers on Wednesday/Thursday and their classroom teachers will help them on-board (connect) devices on Friday.  Students can bring devices for class from day one (if they have Microsoft Office installed) but will not have internet access until Friday.  See below for more info.


You may have noticed Park Ridge State High School did not send out a booklist to purchase for your child's subjects.  We use the Student Resource scheme, a value-for-money arrangement by Education Queensland to support families with the cost of textbooks. 

Rather than parents buying several hundred dollars of textbooks for one year of study, the school purchases them at discounted rates in bulk, then hires them to recover the cost over several years, passing the savings onto each family.

You can read more about our Student Resource Scheme and other charges on our website.

You will survive!

If you're feeling a tad nervous about what the next week will be like for your child, that's normal - you probably remember YOUR first day of high school.  Our guidance officer has offered this survival guide to the first week of high school which has some great bits of advice within.

Year 11 Day 1

Students will meet at the Performing Arts Centre to receive timetables and Form class information before going to normal classes Period 1-4.
Students are expected to bring their devices to school from day one.
On-boarding devices (connecting to Wi-Fi, drives and printers) will occur in Wednesday Form.

Payments - skip the queue with this hot tip!

 Did you know you can now pay invoices by credit card over the phone using an automated service? Simply ring 1300 631 073 and follow the prompts,
You will need the invoice number and your CRN (customer reference number) which can be found at the bottom left side of the invoice.
Need some help?
You can contact our office 3380 4111 (ask for accounts) to check your information (CRN and invoice number) then forward your call to make payment.
No standing in line - woohoo!

BYOD for all students in 2020

Park Ridge State High School is now BYOD across all year levels!
This means it is the expectation that every student comes to class with a charged device and ready to learn.
Our teaching staff have been re-developing their lessons, activities, assessments and homework tasks for a 21st century classroom where students communicate and collaborate in digital environments.  Having access to the internet in learning enables students to quicken the pace of study and builds the skills they need for the modern workplace.

On-boarding & software

On-boarding devices will take place in classes with student teachers this year during Week 1.
Students can still participate in many activities if they have required apps installed - see the Software and On-boarding page for apps students should install at home.  Note, some of these websites are blocked by EQ filtering due to size and can only be downloaded & installed at home.

Don't have a device?  Don't panic!

If you've been in holiday mode and find yourself without a device, Park Ridge State High School may be able to help.  We are clearing out the last of our Lenovo 11e laptops at a fantastic price of $200.  You've also got the option of paying it off in $50/term instalments over the year - then it's yours to keep!
Come in and see what we can do for you!

Hire devices have been ordered and are being transported to the school.  Dell and Acer are experiencing short supply and a short delay is likely while the devices arrive from overseas.  In this case students will be offered a short term loan device at no extra cost.

If you're a family in financial need, you can also apply for one of our Scholarship laptops.  See what the school's BYOD options are.

Need to talk to someone about your options?
The office staff are very knowledgeable on your options (07 3380 4111) or they can put you through to our IT Support technicians.  


Lockers (with combination locks) are available to students who wish to hire them for the 2020 year.  Hire does not come with a charge, though the locker and lock are the student's responsibility to keep secured (repair/replacement fees apply if the lock ($15) or locker is damaged).   Most locker bays have CCTV 24hr coverage.
Students in Years 8-12 will be able to apply for a locker on SharePoint from Tuesday 28/1/31 and will receive their details during Week 2. Urgent requests please go to the Resource Centre.

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Last reviewed 26 January 2020
Last updated 26 January 2020