Business Studies

Does this subject contribute to an ATAR? No (Applied subject)
How many credits does this subject contribute towards QCE? 4

What is Business Studies?

The subject Business Studies provides opportunities for students to develop practical business knowledge, understanding and skills for use, participation and work in a range of business contexts.

A course of study in Business Studies consists of core ‘Business practices’ and ‘Business functions’ delivered through elective ‘Business contexts’. Students will explore business functions and develop business practices required to produce solutions to real life or simulated problems and successfully participate in future employment.

In a course of study, students develop their business knowledge and understanding through applying business practices and business functions in business contexts (e.g. entertainment, mining, retail, rural, travel, events management). Students will analyse business information and will have opportunities to propose and implement outcomes and solutions in business contexts. Students develop effective decision-making skills and learn how to plan, implement and evaluate business outcomes and solutions, resulting in improved economic, consumer and financial literacy.

What makes a student suited to Business studies?

Students who achieve success in Tourism are those who enjoy:
learning about Business fundamentals including financial literacy, communication and technology
researching the different activities a business undertakes to achieve its mission and objectives
preparing for careers in office administration, data entry, retail sales, reception, small business, finance administration, public relations, property management, events, administration and marketing

What prerequisites must students meet in order to take this subject?

Year 9 - Nil
Year 10 - Completion of Year 10 Business studies is preferred

What is the cost of this subject?

Year 11 and 12 - Excursions - each year there are a minimum of two excursions (Approximately $50 for each year)

What materials or equipment do I need for this subject?

A4 Exercise for record keeping

What do students study in this subject and how are they assessed?

  Unit OverviewsAssessment
Year 10
Semester 1

Introduction to Business studies


  • Business in Australia
Summative internal assessment 1:
· Examination - Short response to stimulus
Summative internal assessment 2:
· Multimodal presentation
· Project
 Semester 2

Financial management


  • Assessing business performance
Summative internal assessment 3:
· Investigation
Summative internal assessment 4:
· Project/Portfolio
Year 11Unit 1

Business function 1:  Working in administration


  • Business environment
  • Ethical practice
  • Rights and responsibilities
Formative internal assessment 1: 
• Project
Formative internal assessment 2: 
• Examination
Unit 2

Business function 2:  Working in finance


  • Role of banks and deposit-taking institutions
  • Sources of financial advice
  • Financial risks
  • Impact of legal ownership
  • Purpose of business records
  • Different methods of remuneration
Formative internal assessment 3: 
• Investigation
Formative internal assessment 4: 
• Extended response to Stimulus
Year 12Unit 3

Business function 3:  Working with customers


  • Customer characteristics
  • Customer needs
  • Importance of customer service
  • Legislation considerations
Summative internal assessment 1 (IA1): 
• Investigation
Summative internal assessment 2 (IA2): 
• Extended response to stimulus
Unit 4

Business function 4:  Working in marketing


  • Elements of the marketing mix – product, price and promotion
  • Impact of technology
  • Impact of competitors
  • Ways to establish competitive advantage
  • Customer research methods
Summative internal assessment 3 (IA3): 
• Project
Summative external assessment (IA4): 
• Examination: Short response test.

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Last updated 16 September 2019