Wednesday Afternoon Options


From Week 5 of Term I, senior students will have a Wednesday timetable that differs slightly from the rest of the school. 




From Week 5, Senior classes will finish at 1.20pm.  The following conditions will dictate student options on Wednesday afternoons:


  • Students involved in Interschool Sport will be involved with their team in sporting competitions during this time each week
  • Students involved in an Off-campus activity (SAT, TAFE, Early Start Uni) will report to the Resource Centre at 12.10pm for their catch up and monitoring session (unless Wednesday is an Off-campus day)
  • Students maintaining an ATAR Pathway (4+ General Subjects) will report to the upper floor of the Innovation Centre for programed English, Math and Science Tutorials.
  • Students up to date with their school work and not involved in Interschool Sport or Off-campus activities have the option of leaving school after 1.30pm if they have the means of getting home (or to work).  Students cannot leave school grounds and return for departure at 3pm.
  • Students unable to access a suitable means of transport have the option of remaining at school and participating in one of the Wednesday afternoon senior offerings
  • Students who are identified as being behind in their work may be requested by their teacher to attend a catch-up session on the Wednesday afternoon to complete outstanding work.  This will be negotiated with parents prior to the day.
  • Students who take up the option of leaving early on the Wednesday afternoon may only do so after returning a permission slip, signed by a parent or caregiver, stating that they have the means to get themselves home at this time.


    What is available on Wednesday Afternoons?


    Each Wednesday afternoon the following options will be offered to senior students:

  • Interschool Sport – for those selected in school teams
  • Off-campus catch-up and monitoring session – for every student involved in an Off-campus activity who is at school on Wednesdays
  • Catch-up Sessions - for students identified as being behind in their work. This will be negotiated with the class teacher or HOD.
  • General Class Tutorials – English, Math and Science tutorials will be offered each Wednesday afternoon between 1.30pm and 3.00pm in the upper floor of the Innovation Centre.  All students are welcome.
  • Supervised Study – Students who cannot get home at the early time are welcome to attend the supervised study sessions in the Resource Centre. Supervision will be available up to 3.00pm when school finishes.
  • Negotiated Practical Sessions – students may negotiate with the relevant HOD to have access to their practical classroom to continue with their work during this time.
  • Work – students have the option of working on Wednesday afternoons after their 1.30pm finish.  This does not apply to Off-campus students. This privilege will be withdrawn if students fall behind in their school work.
  • Subject Specific Projects – during some semesters, specific Senior Subjects may run projects during this timeslot.  These projects may be mandatory for all students studying the subject or optional.  This will be determined by the Head of Department and the teachers for classes involved.


    NOTE:  students are not permitted to remain at school in an unsupervised location during this time on a Wednesday afternoon.

Last reviewed 18 February 2020
Last updated 18 February 2020