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​​​This webpage includes important information about the fees and inclusions for the Student Resource Scheme (SRS) . 

If you have previously opted in to the SRS your participation is assumed for the remainder of your child's enrolment, unless you inform the school otherwise by completing a new participation agreement form. 

If you are a new parent to the school, this information will assist you in making a decision as to whether you wish to participate in the SRS.

What is provided by the Queensland Government?

The Queensland Government supports children’s education by providing funding for instruction (teachers), facilities (school grounds and buildings, internet), and administration (staff to run the school). 

Funding for schools does not extend to individual student resources such as textbooks, equipment for personal use, and many items used by the student in the classroom.

The SRS helps parents to source these resources. The school can purchase resources at lower rates due to its bulk buying power. 

Resources such as textbooks or musical instruments that will be used over a period of time are hired to students to further reduce costs for families. Participating in the SRS also offers a convenient way for parents to source the items that their child needs for school, and ensures that all students have access to the same standard of resources.

The types of resources that will be included are:
  • Owned by the student – e.g. student diary – once provided, these items are retained by the student and used at their discretion. 
  • Hired to the student for a specific duration of time – e.g. textbooks or musical instruments – these items will need to be returned to the school in reasonable condition at the end of the hire period or if the student leaves the school. 
  • Used in class – e.g. stationery, timber, material, workbooks – these items will be used in class. Finished products that are created from these resources will generally come home with the student.
If you are not satisfied that the SRS fee represents good value for money based on the inclusions, you may choose not to participate in the SRS. If that is the case, please complete a new Participation Agreement Form, indicating that you no longer wish to participate.

If you choose not to participate, a detailed list of resources that you will need to provide for the student Can be found below.

Current Fees

The current Student Resource Scheme (SRS) fees for 2022 are $220.
Student Resource List - Year 7.pdf
Student Resource List - Year 8.pdf
Student Resource List - Year 9.pdf
Student Resource List - Year 10.pdf
Student Resource List - Year 11 and 12.pdf

Last reviewed 07 December 2021
Last updated 07 December 2021