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We believe that communication between school and home is vital to ensure the best outcomes for students. Teachers are encouraged to phone parents and parents should feel free to contact the school when concerns arise. The school office personnel can assist parents to identify the appropriate person to speak to about a particular issue. The school office is open between 8.00am and 4.00pm.

​ Parent appointments with staff

Parents are encouraged to visit our school to discuss individual student progress with the Administration or specific subject teachers. It is essential however that appointments be made prior to visiting the school to ensure that information required is readily available.  Please be aware that members of staff have teaching responsibilities and prior commitments that have to be kept.

Appointments may be made with the Principal, Deputy Principals, Heads’ of Department for curriculum issues, Class Teachers, HOSES, Year Coordinators, Guidance Officer, Chaplain, Youth Support Coordinators, School Nurse.  The office staff will assist you in determining the most appropriate person to deal with your enquiry.

Reporting to parents

Students will receive an interim report half way through each semester.  A fuller report is issued at the end of each semester.  This report identifies the specific units studied during the semester and indicates the student’s level of achievement in each unit.  It also has detailed comments from each teacher relative to the student’s work and achievement during the semester. Parent/Teacher meetings are held each semester and provide a valuable opportunity to develop a strong partnership between school and home.

School organiser

The school organiser is issued to each student under the Shared Resources Hire Scheme.  The organiser  also contains important information on school policies and procedures.  Notes to teachers may be written in the School Organiser.  Teachers may also use the Organiser as a means of communicating with parents.  If Organisers are lost or defaced students will need to replace them at their own expense.


Park Ridge State High School is committed to taking all reasonable steps to ensure the safety of employees while they are performing their duties and to provide a safe environment for staff, students and visitors under Sections 333 Wilful Disturbance, 334 Trespass, 336 Name and address and 337 Direction about conduct and movement… of the Education (General Provisions ) Act 2006.

All visitors to the school, including parents, MUST first report to the Administration Office. Visitors are required to sign the visitor’s book and to wear an identification badge.

Parents and visitors are not permitted to go directly to classrooms or into the grounds, without first obtaining permission from a member of administration.

Last reviewed 07 February 2022
Last updated 07 February 2022