Our school in the community


Our business and community partners help us grow a dynamic learning culture.

At Park Ridge State High School we are privileged to have many strong community and business partnerships. Our partners work actively with our students and advocate for them in the wider community.

Community partners

Park Ridge Pirates

The Park Ridge Pirates have been an important part of our Park Ridge family for many years. Basing their club at our school, we have benefited with important upgrades to our schools facilities. As a result our school oval now has a full set of lights and our AFL goal post are fully netted. We have a small clubhouse, changing facilities and recently a grandstand as a result of our partnership. Currently the Pirates are working with the school to seek funding for a large club house that will also supply a space for a hospitality kitchen and specialty events facility. The Pirates are great supporters of our AFL Academy and provide strong links and alignment to club football.


Our transitions program is a dynamic part of providing strong pathways for our students beyond the school environment. The work of our Senior School Team and our Transitions Officer, Wendy Howard, is augmented by our strong partnerships with Harvey's Mechanical and Engineering, OSMAC, PACE Innovations Pty Ltd, Mable Park Health Hub, Park Ridge Dental, Park Ridge Pharmacy, Riviera, Maxima,  and Skills Tech. Many of our students leave our school entering directly into trades, work options and TAFE as a result of the great guidance and off-campus experiences provided by these organisations.​


This year has seen the beginning of a very strong STEAM’s initiative in our school. Many of the jobs of the future will be focused in the areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Creating effective pathways for our students in these areas is paramount in supporting our students into the future. Innovation, cross-curricular opportunities and supporting students to use inquiry and coding as a problem solving platform is a key agenda for our school this year and into the future. We have been fortunate enough to develop strong partnerships with Substation 33, who have supported us to develop an e-waste recycling unit and have provided us with materials to allow our students to develop skills in creating their own 3D computers. We believe this ongoing partnership will provide excellent science and technology pathways for our students when they leave our school.

Parent support groups

At Park Ridge we have a thriving Music program. A school of excellence in this area has now developed into a Music Immersion Program, where students travel together as a group through their core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science and SOSE. The Instrumental Music Program aligns and we have a very dynamic Instrumental Parent Support Group who work tirelessly to fundraise and develop the potential of these energetic performers. The outstanding results of the hard work of staff, parents and students has resulted in our school becoming finalists in Fanfare 2016.

Our dance program has flourished over the past few years and our Dance Troupe has echoed this trend with some excellent results in Arts festivals and eisteddfods. This year a very proactive Dance Parent Support Group has been created to further enhance the work of these talented performers and hard-working staff.

Last reviewed 22 July 2021
Last updated 22 July 2021