The Arts


Through the Arts, students develop the knowledge, skills, processes and attitudes necessary to communicate their ideas, feelings and experiences. They develop a sense of craftsmanship, quality task performance and the goal setting skills needed in the classroom. They build effective communication skills; develop the capacity for creativity, team/group awareness, personal discipline, self-esteem and a sense of fun.

Year 7 and 8 

In Year 7 and 8, the study of the Arts is compulsory. The Arts rotation subject is designed to allow students to have a taste of some of the different Arts areas on offer here at Park Ridge State High School. The broad range of subjects studied in the Arts rotation course include: Dance, Drama, Media and Visual Art. 

Year 9 

In Year 9, Dance, Drama, and Visual Art become elective subjects. Students may elect to study these subjects for 1 Semester. The depth and breadth of the subject matter increases with the time spent perfecting their skills in their chosen field 

Year 10 

In year 10 we add Media to Dance, Drama, Music and Visual Art and students will be immersed in a 1 year in-depth study of the electives they chose to specialize in. Students are able to choose multiple Arts subjects to study.

Senior Arts

In senior, students can choose a variety of Arts pathways which will prepare them for further study or an industry career: Subjects offered include: Authority Dance, Dance Studies, Authority Drama, Drama Studies, Authority Music, Authority Film Television and New Media, Media Studies, Authority Art, Visual Art Studies, Cert 11 in Visual Art and Photo Imaging Studies.

Student painting 


Please refer to the excellence programs offered at Park Ridge SHS School to find details about Music at Park Ridge.  

Dance at Park Ridge

The Park Ridge Extracurricular Dance program enables students to participate in a range of Dance ensembles. The program caters for students from Year 7 to Year 12, inspiring dancers of all ability levels to strive for their full potential. Students are provided with technical training by qualified dance teachers in Jazz, Contemporary, Lyrical, Musical Theatre and Hip Hop dance styles. 

Aspiring dancers can also further their holistic understanding of Dance through Dance curriculum classes offered to students in Years 7 – 12.

Students who engage with the Dance program at Park Ridge SHS are provided with opportunities to participate in workshops with guest artists, challenging physical boundaries and performing professionally choreographed works.

We offer excursions to view live performances by well-respected dance companies and provide opportunities in the competitive dance domain and at community and school events. The great work of Park Ridge dancers is presented at our annual Night of Dance held in the performing arts centre.  

Dance troupe performance teams

Park Ridge Dance performance teams compete at eisteddfods at local and state level. The Eisteddfod experience enhances students’ performance skills, stage craft and love of dance.

Positions in Dance performance teams are awarded by audition only. Auditions are held at the end of Term 4 for existing Park Ridge SHS students and in Term 1 for students new to the school.

Dance Troupe has three teams; Sapphire Dance Troupe, Platinum Troupe and Remix Hip Hop Crew. Sapphire Dance Troupe is specifically for beginner to intermediate students from Yr7-Yr10. Sapphire Dance Troupe Stars are students who show potential to be in Platinum Dance Troupe and will get to train with the Platinum Dance Troupe to extend their learning as well as provide an opportunity for students to network with and learn from their advanced peers. Platinum Dance Troupe is targeted at students in Yr10-Yr12 for intermediate to advanced dancers. Remix hip hop crew is for students from year 7 to 12 who are interested in both choreography and performance across a range of Street Dance Styles. 

Last reviewed 03 September 2019
Last updated 03 September 2019