​​​The Instrumental Music Excellence (IMEX) program has been developed to integrate musical excellence into academic excellence. It is an all-inclusive culture for learning and creativity.

The Instrumental Musical Excellence program boasts some of the finest music teachers in the area. Our teachers are also performers who maintain a professional skill level in performing and conducting.

The program has strong links to the community through concerts, performances and collaboration with local community ensembles. Although we accept students from all ability levels, the musical skill at graduation is always exceptional.

Beyond the intrinsic value of music to cultures worldwide, education in music has benefits for young people that transcend the musical domain. Evidence-based studies document student-learning outcomes associated with an education in and through music. The results show conclusively that music education enhances the ability to learn, to achieve in other core academic subjects, and to develop capacity, skill and knowledge essential for lifelong success.

Benefits of the IMEX program

Music education prepares students to learn by:

  1. Enhancing fine motor skills
  2. Preparing the brain for achievement
  3. Fostering superior working memory
  4. Cultivating better thinking skills.

Music education facilitates student academic achievement by:

  1. Improving recall and retention of verbal information
  2. Advancing math achievement
  3. Boosting reading and English language arts (ELA) skills
  4. Improving average academic results.

Music education develops the creative capacity for lifelong success by:

  1. Sharpening student attentiveness
  2. Strengthening perseverance
  3. Equipping students to be creative
  4. Supporting better study habits and self-esteem.

The IMEX program is designed to provide a clear pathway for students who are interested in Music. Our curriculum focus is on participation, learning about all aspects of music and creating a team environment in which to nurture the skill of the individual. We welcome all students who are interested in exploring Music throughout their high school years and who are willing to build community spirit through performance.

Students in the program will study all core subjects (Maths, Science, History and English) as well as Music in a streamed class of Instrumental Music Students until the end of year 10. They will graduate with an equivalent Year 11 result and may continue to study Music Extension, or gain a study line to focus on other subjects.

The Instrumental Music Excellence program exceeds the requirements of national curriculum for the Music Key Learning Area. The program consists of practical and theory elements relating to music.

How to apply (future students only)

If you would like to enrol your child or have an enrolment enquiry, please email or call the office on 07 3380 4111 during normal school hours.

Last reviewed 10 June 2022
Last updated 10 June 2022