Uniform policy



School uniforms encourage students to learn the importance of dressing for success and contributes to a positive attitude and way of behaving in school. School uniforms provide students with a sense of belonging and reduce peer pressure when it comes to their clothes. Finally, school uniform supports teachers and admin to identify who is a student and who is not, even from a distance.

For full details please see PRSHS Dress Code (with elaborations 2023) or (simple 2021) ​

Students who do not wear school uniform, including prescribed shoes, will be required to change into school-owned loan uniforms*.

Students are asked to attend the Re-engagement hub when they arrive at school (prior to 9:00am) to change without penalty.

Students out of uniform during the school day will be issued with lunch-time detentions and provided with an exchange of clothes.

*Where the school has an appropriate item of clothing to exchange students will be required to change. The school will launder all uniform items supplied daily. Parents are responsible for the replacement cost of any exchange uniform items that are not returned.

We ask that parents please contact the school if you are having difficulty sourcing the correct uniform.

It is important to note, that although we have a very easy wearing uniform, it is not appropriate to substitute it with fleecy track pants, leggings, jeans, cargo pants, active wear or any other substitute that cannot be purchased from our uniform shop. The only exception that we will allow to this rule, is the wearing of plain black dress pants. If your child is struggling to wear uniform because of their shape, we are here to help, and we will ensure a tailored approach to supporting your child is adopted. Please contact our school if you feel your child fits this category.

We have listened to student and parent feedback in relation to ill-fitting shorts. As a result, the school has sourced a better fitting short that will be available from our uniform shop in the new year. Many students have tried this new short on and are very happy with the result.

Please note, uniform must fit the child well. There will be no undershirts exposed and the only socks that will be acceptable will be plain white socks that cover the ankle. We have also attached a list of suppliers who provide appropriate footwear in a range of prices. The only acceptable shoes are all black or all white in vinyl or leather.

Park Ridge State High School is a uniform school. A condition of enrolment, as indicated in our Enrolment Agreement, is that correct uniform is to be worn in its entirety, at school, and when travelling to and from school every day.

All students who attend PRSHS must wear the full school uniform, including prescribed footwear as outlined in our school's dress code.

The school's Dress Code is related to issues of health and safety, functionality, affordability, and anti- discrimination as articulated through the Education General Provisions Act of 2006 and its Regulations and relevant EQ policy SMS-PR-022.

Parents are required to support our uniform policy as part the enrolment agreement.

Our school supplies second-hand uniform and options for families who are in financial distress (please contact our school if you need this level of support)

No child wanting to wear our uniform who is struggling due to financial or identified issues will be penalised. It is our job to support and we will find a solution together. However, students refusing to comply with our easy to wear and affordable uniform, and who are unwilling to work with us toward a solution, will be provided with instruction outside of their class environment until a suitable uniform is engaged.

Please see our PRSHS shoe guide, if you are having difficulty sourcing shoes. This is certainly not an exhaustive list but does cover a range of options, and budgets. The shoe images are hyperlinks, click on them to access supplier websites. ​​

formal uniform.jpgpolo.jpg


Students are permitted to wear a plain watch and up to two small pairs of earrings only - rings, studs or sleepers.

Other items must be removed in the interest of workplace health and safety requirements at school.

All culturally relevant jewellery must be worn under uniform and be out of sight


  • Pullover Jumper – plain bottle green only (not black or any other colour) V-neck with School Logo
  • Microfibre Jacket (school design only)
  • Microfibre Tracksuit Pants Only
  • Seniors Jersey (Year 12 only) negotiated annually with students through Year Coordinator
  • Undershirt - plain white with no logos/colour and not visible at the waist or arms.
  • Plain black scarf (no embellishment)

All approved uniform items are available at the School Uniform Shop.

Last reviewed 30 January 2023
Last updated 30 January 2023