Social and Community Studies



Does this subject contribute to an ATAR? No (Applied subject)

How many credits does this subject contribute towards QCE? 4

What is Social and Community Studies?

Social and Community Studies fosters personal development and social skills which lead to self-reliance, self-management and concern for others. It fosters appreciation of, and respect for, cultural diversity and encourages responsible attitudes and behaviours required for effective participation in the community and for thinking critically, creatively and constructively about their future role in it.

Students investigate these life skills through a variety of electives dealing with topics such as personal economics and consumerism, legal issues, the world of work, gaming culture, the Arts and the community including tattoo culture, food and nutrition, health, recreation and leisure, and science and technology. In collaborative learning environments, students use an inquiry approach to investigate the dynamics of society and the benefits of working with others in the community, allowing them to establish positive relationships and networks, and to be active and informed citizens.

A course of study in Social and Community Studies can establish a basis for further education and employment, as it helps students develop the personal, interpersonal and citizenship skills and attributes necessary in all workplaces. It allows them to manage change, to be resilient and adaptive, and to develop strategies so that they can cope with the demands, not only of everyday life, but also of continuing studies, employment and future careers.​

What makes a student suited to Social and Community Studies?
Students who achieve success in Social and Community Studies are those who:

  • have an interest in a variety of topics to do with people and social issues
  • are still deciding on their pathway
  • are looking towards a more work focused pathway
  • have had an interest in any humanities subject in junior years

What prerequisites must students meet in order to take this subject?

Year 9 students - Nil
Year 10 students - Nil

What is the cost of this subject?

Nil - all costs covered by Student Resource Scheme.

What materials or equipment do I need for this subject?

  • BYOD laptop
  • A4 Exercise book (minimum 96 pages)
  • Blue, black and red pens

What do students study in Social & Community Studies and how are they assessed?

 Unit OverviewsAssessment
Year 10
Semester 1

School Community​ and Society

 Arts in the Community: Tattoo Culture​

Project: Park Ridge SHS school community survey and proposal for improvements

 Project: Tattoo design and explanation, cultural tattooing feature article​​

 Semester 2

Video Gaming Culture and Technology


 Investigating Social Issues​

Extended Response:
YouTube video gaming review and analysis

Investigation: Research report on a issue of choice​

Year 11Unit 1

Module 1: Australia's Place in the World

Module 2: Health – Food and Nutrition

Formative Internal Assessment 1: (25%)
Investigation of an aspect of Australia's interaction with other countries on a global level.

Formative Internal Assessment 2: (25%) Examination about food and nutrition in modern society.

Unit 2

Module 3: Health – Recreation and Leisure

Module 4: Science and Technology

Formative Internal Assessment 3: (25%) Project about a new community leisure facility – design brief, action plan and pitch

Formative Internal Assessment 4: (25%) Extended Response responding to a cyber safety scenario

Year 12Unit 3

Module 5: Into Relationships

Module 6: Money Management

Summative Internal Assessment 1: (25%) Investigation into an issue related to interpersonal relationships and recommendations for dispute resolution.

Summative Internal Assessment 2: Examination about financial literacy.​

Unit 4

Module 7: The Law and You.

Summative Internal Assessment 3: (25%) Project investigating employment laws related to work contexts for teenagers and informative webpage

Summative Internal Assessment 4: (25%) Extended response to scenario about traffic laws and issues in the community.​

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Last updated 04 August 2022