Engineering Skills


​​​Does this subject contribute to an ATAR? No (Applied subject)

How many credits does this subject contribute towards QCE? 4

What is Engineering Skills? 

Engineering Skills focuses on the underpinning industry practices and production processes required to create, maintain and repair predominantly metal products in the engineering manufacturing industry.

Students understand industry practices, interpret specifications, including technical information and drawings, demonstrate and apply safe and practical production processes with hand/power tools and machinery, communicate using oral, written and graphical modes, organise, calculate and plan production processes and evaluate the products they create using predefined specifications.

Students develop transferable skills by engaging in manufacturing tasks that relate to business and industry, and that promote adaptable, competent, self-motivated and safe individuals who can work with colleagues to solve problems and complete practical work. 

What makes a student suited to Engineering Skills?

Students who achieve success in Engineering Skills are those who:
  • are hardworking and have an ability to work individually and in teams
  • want to develop understanding of engineering technology and its application to industry
  • are preparing for vocational employment
  • are supportive of the development of a safe working culture
  • understand that the basis of practical skills is in theoretical understanding 

What prerequisites must students meet in order to take this subject?

  • Year 9 - Nil
  • Year 10 - Successful completion of year 10 Engineering Skills

What is the cost of this subject?

  • Year 10 - $72
  • Year 11- $100
  • Year 12 - $100

What materials or equipment do I need for this subject?

  • Year 10 Correct school shoes (leather or vinyl)
  • Year 11 and 12 - Safety shoes (Steel Cap) required for the workshop operation
  • Wear appropriate safety equipment when required in workshop operations. (supplied)

What do students study in this subject and how are they assessed?

  Unit OverviewsAssessment
Year 10Semester 1

Introduction to: Engineering

Safety in the workshop

Product quality

Introduction to: Electronics​ Design elements

Summative assessment 1:
Project - Paper Punch

Summative assessment 2:​
Project- Amplifier

  Semester 2

Fitting and machining enterprise

Welding and fabrication enterprise

Engineering industry production processes and product quality

Fitting and machining enterprise

Summative assessment 3:
Project - Weather Vane

Summative assessment 4:​
Project- Windmill Pump

Year 11Unit 1

The Engineering industry

Introduction and Safety

Engineering industry production

processes and product quality

Formative internal assessment 1:
Practical demo - Scratch Gauge, Mitre Gauge, Storage Box

Formative internal assessment 2:
Project – Meat Mallet

Unit 2
Fitting and machining enterprise
Welding and fabrication enterprise

Formative internal assessment 3:
Practical demo- Canon Paper Weight

Formative internal assessment 4:
Project- Folding Shovel

Year 12Unit 3
Welding and fabrication enterprise

Engineering industry production processes and product quality​

Summative internal assessment 1 (IA1):
Practical demo-   G Clamp

Summative internal assessment 2 (IA2):
Project – Brazier

Unit 4Working cooperatively in engineering workplaces
Engineering industry production processes and product quality

Summative internal assessment 3 (IA3):
Practical demo – Esky

Summative internal assessment 4 (IA4):
Project – Esky, Hinge / Handle​

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Last updated 04 August 2022