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What is BYOD?

BYOD stands for “Bring Your Own Device”. This means that students bring a personal device (i.e. a tablet or laptop) to school for their classwork.

Why is the school transitioning to BYOD?

Park Ridge State High School has taken strides to integrate student computing device usage into many aspects of teaching and learning. This change in the way students experience learning allows the school to maximise learning outcomes for all students.

As a school, we are also committed to giving our students the knowledge and skills they need to participate in a digital economy. Whether they are going to study at university, TAFE, or straight into the workforce, institutions and employers are expecting to see confident use of computers.

Is the BYOD program compulsory?

In 2019 (year 7 and 11) and 2020 (all year levels) the expectation is that students will access the learning for each of their classes via their own device.

What type of device is required?

The school does not prescribe a device but advises that the device meet our hardware requirements.

A Windows 10 tablet/laptop is highly recommended. Park Ridge teachers will be supplying lessons based on a Windows operating system. Students can choose to bring another device type if they desire (e.g. iPad) however, differences in the way apps and websites look and function may mean they have compatibility issues and teachers may not be able to provide technical support. iPods and tablets under 10" are not suitable.

Will Apple products work with the school network?

Yes. Apple products will work with the school network; however, there can be compatibility issues with specific programs. For this reason, Apple devices are not recommended.

What operating systems will not work with the school network?

Linux, Google Chrome OS and windows mobile will not work with BYOD wireless systems.

Can students use their mobile phone?

No. Phones are not acceptable for classroom use and the school's phone policy is still enforced.

Where do I purchase a BYOD computer/tablet?

The school does not prescribe a brand or model of computer but rather recommends a device that meets our requirements. The school has several vendor portals that offer devices that match our requirements.  Computers can be purchased locally. However, the school highly recommends that Onsite Warranty and Accidental Damage Protection Insurance are purchased with the device as the cost of repairs can be extremely expensive.

What if I cannot afford a new device?

The purchase of a device is a major decision and a significant expense. A good quality device may last from Year 7 to Year 10 and, viewed over four years, the expense is considerably less.

In 2019 and 2020, families who are experiencing financial hardship can participate through one of our equity options. The school has very limited laptops available for this purpose. View our BYOD alternatives for more information.

What other costs are involved?

There is a $50 annual fee to connect to our BYOD network.  You can learn more about this fee and what it is used for on our Software and On-boarding page.
A protective case for the laptop is recommended.  The school also very highly recommends Onsite Warranty, Extended Warranty and Accidental Damage Protection Insurance are purchased with the device as the cost of repairs can be extremely expensive.
Will the device be safe at school?

Device safety is important at Park Ridge State High School.  The school does not own BYO Devices, and cannot provide warranty for them, however, students who look after their devices with care rarely have issues.

Students will have access to lockers during the school day and will be encouraged to use them.  These lockers are purpose built and designed to be tamper-proof for additional security. CCTV cameras are also in use across locker areas in the school.

If you are concerned the device is going to be broken, lost or stolen, you may wish to consider specific accidental damage insurance for the device. In some cases, you can specifically list the item on your home contents insurance, or you can purchase an Accidental Damage Protection Insurance plan for your student’s device. Accidental Damage Protection is available as an option for some devices.

How much time will my child spend on their device? 

Devices are tools for learning used along with all the other tools available at school and home (e.g. pen, paper, calculators, books, computers etc.).  Students’ devices will be used when they add to the learning and enhance the experience.   Students are typically engaged in a range of activities in all classes and all year levels and participate in kinaesthetic (hands-on) learning in a variety of their classes.   The amount of homework given will vary depending on a range of factors. If you feel your child is spending too much time completing homework then please confirm homework tasks with their teacher.

Do you have advice about online safety? 

Up to date and comprehensive advice on online safety for you and your children can be found below. 

Will my child still learn how to handwrite? 

Yes.  Computers will not replace handwriting at Park Ridge State High School. Teachers will be using the most appropriate mode of communication based upon on the learning opportunity.

Do I need to buy Antivirus software for my device?

Windows 10 devices have an inbuilt program called Windows Defender which protects the device against threats.  All other computers need to have Antivirus software installed and be up to date. This will be checked prior to connecting to the network.

Can my child charge their device at school?

No. Students are unable to charge their device at school due to safety restrictions. Students must ensure that they charge their device at home and use the device responsibly to ensure it lasts a full school day. This is non-negotiable.

What can I do if my device goes flat?

You should get a warning that your battery is going flat. Save your work to a USB or OneDrive, ask your teacher to go to IT. They will charge swap your device with a loan machine for you to use for the day.

My device has been damaged at school. Who pays for it and what is the process?

The owner of the device looks after the device. The school will assist in school-based consequences for students who have intentionally damaged other students’ property as per school policy. All repairs or replacement of device is the responsibility of the device owner and we recommend insurance and a protective case for this reason.

Last reviewed 01 June 2020
Last updated 01 June 2020