Hire a device



The school offers a limited supply of devices that are available to hire if a family is unable to purchase their own personal device. Families may reserve a hire device he​​re (This form is now closed please email​​)

This should be used as a second-best option and the best outcome for student success remains to have their own device purchased as part of our BYOD scheme.

You can find more information about our BYOD scheme and browse our portals on the Park Ridge State High School website.

Accidental Damage Protection (ADP) is available on only a few devices, we will indicate this on the Laptop Hire Form which is available from the IT Help Desk and is required to be completed before a device will be loaned. ADP does not cover theft, loss or deliberate damage

Hire options

We have two hire options for students, depending on their situation:

  • Standard Hire
    • Suitable in most cases
    • $350 Full year device hire
  • 30-Day Complimentary Hire
    • Short term device hire
    • A 'safety net' if a student's device is damaged and being repaired
    • Fees apply after 30-days

Day loan / 'hot swap' device hire

Day loan hire is slightly different from our main options and is available as a safety net if a student forgets their device, or it becomes flat.

Students can borrow a device for the day from the IT Help Desk using their ID Card, like borrowing a book. While the student has the device, they are responsible for any damage to the device and must return the device to the IT Help Desk at the end of the school day.

Students can use this service at no cost, however high-level repeated use of this system (10+ per term) may result in a daily charge ($5) to cover the cost of the device and the IT Help Desk staff required to borrow the device at the start and end of each day. Parents should consider a standard loan in this situation.

The device is not to leave school grounds and late fees ($5) may be charged for each additional day the student borrows the device.

IT Help Desk staff reserve the right to refuse a loan device for any reason.

Standard Hire

Hiring a device

Families who wish to participate in the hire scheme for 2023 will need pay an initial $100 when collecting their device and sign a Laptop Hire Agreement with the school before the student can receive the laptop.

Students will receive:

ItemCost to replace

Dell 3190 (Years 7-9)

Dell 3420 (All Year Levels)

Acer Spin 5 (Years 10-12)

Acer TravelMate B311 (Years 7-9)

Acer TravalMate P259 (Those doing senior subjects requiring a device with a graphics card)​​​






Stylus (optional no cost to hire)
Only available for Dell 3190 and Acer Spin 5

Dell $40

Acer $60


Devices are available for collection in the week prior to school returning. Please see the school website's home page in January for IT Help Desk operating hours.

Hire devices

$350 / year

  • Reserve your device in advance online
  • Student must have no outstanding school fees
  • Balance due by end of Term 2
  • Pro-rata if starting hire through the year
  • Full year hire only, no refunds for early return

Park Ridge State High School may choose not to approve a hire application at its sole discretion.

Returning hire devices

Devices​​ are hired for the entire school year. No refunds available for early return of equipment. Families will be contacted in Term 4 ahead of the required return of hire devices, usually in the final two weeks of school for the student's year level.

All accessories must be returned at the same time, or they will be charged for at the rates above.

Complimentary 30-day hire devices

Park Ridge State High School has a small number of devices available for students to use if their personal device becomes damaged and needs to be sent away for repair.

These laptops are not covered for accidental damage. The safe care and return of the device, charger and case is the responsibility of the student and parent/carer.

Any damage will be charged for and must be paid before the student can borrow a device again.

Extending after 30 days

If the device is not returned within the complimentary 30-day hire period, the following charges will apply to the device hire:

  • Less than 30-day hire
    • Complimentary device (no fee)
    • User is responsible for any damage
  • More than 30-day hire
    • $20 Administration fee (one off charge)
    • $10 per week (or part thereof) hire

Parents/carers will be invoiced for the hire period upon the return of the device, or at the end of each school term, whichever is the former.

Should the parent/carer fall behind in the payment of their hire fees, the hire device will be collected by the school and no further devices will be loaned until any outstanding invoices have been paid.

The school reserves the right to withdraw or reject a complimentary 30-day hire at its sole discretion.​

Last reviewed 25 January 2023
Last updated 25 January 2023