Visual Arts in Practice


Does this subject contribute to an ATAR? No (Applied subject)

How many credits does this subject contribute towards QCE? 4


What is Visual Arts in Practice?

Visual Arts in Practice focuses on students engaging in art-making processes and making virtual or physical visual artworks. Visual artworks are created for a purpose and in response to individual, group or community needs.


Students explore and apply the materials, technologies and techniques used in art-making. They use information about design elements and principles to influence their own aesthetic and guide how they view others' works. They also investigate information about artists, art movements and theories, and use the lens of a context to examine influences on art-making.


Students reflect on both their own and others' art-making processes. They integrate skills to create artworks and evaluate aesthetic choices. Students decide on the best way to convey meaning through communications and artworks. They learn and apply safe visual art practices.


What makes a student suited to Visual Arts in Practice?

Students who achieve success in Visual Art in Practice are those who enjoy:

  • Making images and objects
  • Seeking creative solutions to design problems, thinking using higher order learning skills
  • Designing and manufacturing images and objects needed for living.
  • Making, and display of artworks


What prerequisites must students meet in order to take this subject?

  • Year 9 - Nil
  • Year 10 - Recommended completion of Year 9 Art


What is the cost of this subject?

  • $50 per year


What materials or equipment do I need for this subject?

  • Year 11 - compulsory BYOD
  • A4 Exercise book

What do students study in this subject and how are they assessed?

  Unit Overviews
Year 10Semester 1
Through inquiry learning, the following are explored:
Experimental 2D media: painting techniques, drawing techniques and a  variety of media materials.
Artists research and response
Summative internal assessment 1: 25%
• Painting
Summative internal assessment 2: 25%
• Multi-Media
• Formative written response
  Semester 2Through inquiry learning, the following are explored:
Experimental: 3D, Printmaking
Formative folio (digital presentation)
Artists research and response
Summative internal assessment 3: 25%
• 3D Artwork
Summative internal assessment 4: 25%
• Print
•Formative folio (digital presentation)
• Written Response
Year 11Unit 1Printmaking - Pop Art: This unit focuses on developing skills using printmaking 2D media.                                                     Painting: Exploration of a variety of painting styles and techniques to produce a finished artwork. Students will develop skills to produce a two dimensional artwork for exhibition in the resource centre of the school.
Formative internal assessment 1:
Product - Printmaking
Formative internal assessment 2:
Project - Painting
Unit 2
3D artworks Clay/Sculpture: Students will explore 3D processes and techniques processes. Students are to create a 3D artwork based on specific symbols and   patterns that relate to nature or culture. This is supported by an annotated visual diary that explains their design choices, ideas and    experiments.
Multi Media: This unit focuses on developing skills using multi 2D media. The unit focuses on the exploration of the concept of identity and belonging in the creation of a folio of drawings. Students will then demonstrate techniques of   collaging, combining, layering and further developing these drawings to develop a cumulative artwork for display in the resource centre.
Formative internal assessment 3:
Product - 3D Artworks Clay/Sculpture
Formative internal assessment 4: 
Project - Mixed Media
Year 12Unit 3
Music in Me: The unit focuses on the exploration of the world of design and business (context). Students investigate the music industry and the medium of printmaking in the  production of a printed t-shirt/clothing article aimed at a specific target audience. Students will document the design and creative process.
3D clay/sculpture: Using drape moulds students are to design and create a clay functional vessel . The vessel could be a fruit bowl, serving platter etc.
Summative internal assessment 1 (IA1):
Project - Printmaking
Summative internal assessment 2 (IA2):
Product - 3D Clay/Sculpture
Unit 4
Multi Media: 2D - Appropriation and exploration of 2D media. In this unit students will be engaged in using a variety of media to create a poster/artwork that shows appropriation. The students will explore mark making techniques, paint application, collage and mixed media processes to produce their artworks.
Painting/drawing: Students research the works of contemporary street artists, including anamorphic artists. Students are to work in groups to create either a mural or an anamorphic artwork which will be installed in sections around the school for the school community to participate in. Students are to work collaboratively to develop a community mural or anamorphic artwork. Each student will be responsible for a part of the artwork

Summative internal assessment 3 (IA3):
Product - Multi Media Summative external assessment (IA4):
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